About Black
Diamond Farm

We are The Macdonald’s, the founders of Black Diamond Farm (enter Ol’ Macdonald Farm joke here!).  We began our journey in 2016 with the idea of creating a meticulous barn for breeding Friesian horses while offering boarding, but something bigger and quite special began to happen: as we offered some horse lessons (yes, horse and not riding lessons!), we started to get an overwhelming request to provide more!  We could not keep up and had to think of how to provide what the community was wanting (and needing).  Not only were kids overly excited about coming, THEY DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!  The special bond that our environment allowed these kids to create with our horses was magical, and we needed to do more.

We thought, “What if we could design a program that gives kids what they are looking for, and more?:  Community, self-discovery, learning and self-esteem”.

We came up with what we have today, a special place for kids to come and put the stresses of life aside to bond with our magical beasts.  The structure of our program is important (to learn about all aspects of horses), but the outcome is even more-so: kids finding Black Diamond Farm as their safe place (where egos and bullying are not welcome), a place where authenticity and nurturing are the cornerstones of an amazing experience.

We soon realized the benefits of offering similar opportunities for adults also, which was the beginning of our Equine Assisted Learning; programs designed for kids and adults to build special relationships with horses-and with one another.  We discovered that many people benefit from spending intentional time with horses, and there were many ways to begin connecting our community with the therapeutic, inspiring and grounding benefits of this bond.

Nowadays, we are thrilled to be breeding Friesian horses, running events and offering our many programs to children and adults in Abbotsford, BC.  What started as a simple farm has now become a community hub.  We could not be more grateful of this opportunity.

For those wanting to feel safe, be encouraged to be themselves (whoever that may be) and want an extraordinary experience like no other, we would love to meet you!

Our Mission

To create a safe, comfortable and equal space for people and animals alike to be their authentic-self, judgement-free.

Our Values


Safety is our top priority for our horses and clients.  Every person & every animal has the right to be safe, and we do not compromise on any level to ensure this.


Integrity is a core value instilled in every person at our facility.  Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking is not a rarity on our property, nor is humility, authenticity and trustworthiness.


An equal voice is supported on our farm, from the newest student to the most advanced rider.  We realize we all wear a personal armour to protect ourselves, and our goal is to create a space where people can remove their armour, knowing they are safe with their authenticity.


We believe there are many ways for people to grow. We adapt to the individual to help them feel safe and grow in their own unique way.


There is a dedication expected by our clients, community and animals; our true “family business” goes beyond this to ensure we satisfy everyone’s needs.  With animals, there is no “closed”, and dedication is at the heart of what makes our facility flow.

Meet The Crew

Lauren Macdonald


Lauren has been around horses since the age of 5! Lauren loves working with children as well as horses, and created this program in order to give back to the community! When Lauren is not working on the farm, you will find her outside with her family, riding her Friesians and playing with her great dane.

Rob Macdonald


Rob, better yet as known as farmer Rob at BDF, is the co-owner of Black Diamond Farm! He designed the farm with safety in mind for his family and the community. You will find Rob around the farm, keeping it looking meticulous and working with his horse Jed. Rob has been involved with horses for 12 years and is certified in EAL.

Page Rosseau


Page has been riding for over 15 yrs, competing in show jumping but started her riding in the western disciplines. She groomed professionally for 7 yrs, allowing her to travel to horse shows in different countries. She loves teaching children, but is particularly passionate about building the horse-rider bond, and the confidence it builds.



Jensen has been around horses for as long as she can remember. She primarily does western riding but would like to venture out to some of the English events. Jensen loves to watch the kids make progress with their riding and the big smiles that end up on their face because of it.

Riley Remple


Riley got on her first horse before she could walk and hasn’t gotten off since. She mainly does jumping but also enjoys western. Her favourite part of her job is seeing how far the students come as they achieve their goals and progress. She also loves training horses and seeing them use their new talents to become ridable for everyone.



Sadie has been teaching at Black Diamond Farm for 3 years.
Sadie is very passionate about children and works very hard to make sure every child feels safe and understood while at our farm. Sadie specializes at teaching the ground classes and helps each child grow the skills they need to be confident, kind and educated horse people.



Caleigh has immersed herself in the world of horseback riding for more than a decade, finding joy in both western and English styles. Her passion extends to the thrill of fox hunting. Beyond her own pursuits, she takes delight in sharing her knowledge with children, introducing them to the intricacies of riding and horses. Witnessing the progress of young riders is a source of great satisfaction for her.

Giving You The Freedom To Be.

Our goal at Black Diamond Farm is to create an environment that people feel a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, and you can just be…you. This is your experience to enjoy, and you have choices; we are simply here to help support you in reaching your goals! All we ask is you bring your true self!