Equine Assisted

At Black Diamond Farm, we provide skill development programs by certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators. What could be more important than armoring your child, yourself or your team with life skills?

Equine Assisted Learning is where the clients have an experimental hands on session with horses and gain important life skills. Here, the horses are the teachers. By utilizing an interactive, hands-on approach through the educational BuildingBlock™ Curriculum, we facilitate teachable moments with a lasting impact.

Whether it be building relationships, working on teamwork and communication skills, learning to trust, making choices, or becoming a leader, our horses will provide the client with an experience that they can draw from in their everyday lives. By doing this, we can help our client develop skills for life. Our curriculum programs are designed to take place in 4-8 week sessions, with one session running per week for a duration of 1.5 hours.

EAL Cancellation Policy

Clients who do not show up or cancel within 24 hours will be billed the full amount. This fee must be paid before the next session. Clients who arrive late will be billed for the full amount and end at the regular scheduled time. 


During one-on-one sessions, we pair you with a horse and give you all the support you need. By connecting on a deep level with the horse, you will begin to discover where changes need to take place and how healing can begin.

Group Programs

During group sessions, we pair 2-8 people maximum with their own EAL horses. In this setting, team building happens naturally. Sharing your journey alongside others strengthens your connections.

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