Horse Programs

Our horse programs were designed to create an environment where youths can feel safe, have choices and build relationships. In our horse programs, our students always have a choice. It is important for our students to feel a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and that they can be their authentic self.

Working with horses offers many different benefits including exercise, mindfulness, communication skills, problem solving as well as long lasting friendships (whether the friend has 2 legs or 4). Our goal as your instructors, is to find out what our students need from the horse program- whether it is to learn to ride better or to simply just be around horses, and to foster this need. We created this as a horse program and not a riding program; because there are so many benefits that horses provide and we want our students to have a voice on what they need from us.

Lil Gems Horse Programs

Runs September until June for ages 5-18yrs. Home School and After School programs available

The Preschool

This program is for ages 0-5

The Preschool program is 45 minutes long and incorporates horse care, barn care and horse riding. This program is for students who are under 5 years old and need parental assistance. One parent or guardian is required to stay and assist per child that is enrolled. The Preschool program runs for 8 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks in the spring. Please e-mail for pricing.

To Horse Riding

Learn how to ride horses, horse safety,
grooming and riding. One-on-one sessions,
45 mins in length.

Riding Lessons

For those with a riding foundation and can walk/ trot under saddle independently. 


Private Lunge
Line Lessons

Riders wanting to work on balance, control, position and confidence on a lunge or in
the round pen. one on one.

Join Our
Volunteer Program!

Volunteer program is for 9+ and includes a junior and a senior role

Cancellation Policy:

Clients who do not show up or cancel within 24 hours will be billed the full amount. Clients who arrive late will be billed for the full amount and end at the regular scheduled time. Homeschool and Afterschool students may make up any missed classes within 30 days of the missed class. 

I have loved riding at the BDF. I have been riding now for over two years. Lauren and Michelle have helped me with being more confident with the horses. They have taught me how to care for horses.

Emilia Arruda

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