The Horses


She is our second smallest lesson horse, a little bit bigger than Al Capony, and definitely the fastest. Named after the zippy little sports car (Mazda Miata) this little girl loves to go fast. Under the training of our Sr volunteer, Savannah, this little girl had learned a lot and is learning more and more and improving all the time.

Mama Mia

Mama came to join us at BDF 2 yrs ago from an SPCA rescue. Mama is an American Cream Draft which makes her one of our tallest, and definitely thickest lesson horse. Affectionately earning her the nickname Hippo. Fun fact, due to her large size we didn’t know she was pregnant! She delivered a filly and both Mama and baby come to live at BDF.

Al Caponey

The smallest pony of our lesson horses but definitely doesn’t have the smallest personality! This cheeky little guy is affectionately referred to as our little chihuahua. Before coming to Black Diamond Farm he competed a lot – English, western, jumping and competing in games. this little guy was often seen teaching multiple little kids how to do what was needed, to bring home a ribbon. Al is now enjoyed by everyone at Black Diamond Farm.


Imira is a 17 year old grey Arabian who came to join Black Diamond Farm around the time covid was shutting things down. Imiria needs an experienced rider so the trainers at BDF used this time to work with her. She loves to trail ride and jump.


Apollo is a 20 year old Arabian Gelding. His owner Hannah got him from a rescue when he was 12 years old. Apollo loves helping in the lessons and he is always gentle when he’s ponying the kids around. He also loves to go on trail rides. Even at 20, he’s still got a lot of spunk in him and he loves treats, especially stud muffins!!


Glory has got to the most popular lesson pony at BDF. With her gentle face, long beautiful hair and cuddly personality it’s not hard to see why she’s so popular. While Glory is very sweet she has a sassy side and can definitely be cheeky when she feels it’s her right. Glory definitely feels that she should not have to work, and just pose for photos while people tell her how pretty she is.


Harley probably has the biggest personality out of all the horses at BDF. Rescued by Miss Meshell off the side of a hill in Oroville WA when he was separated from his herd as a very young foal and his mother was captured and taken out on a meat truck! Easily recognizable with his distinct markings, you can often seen Harley causing mischief in the fields.


Hieke was born in 02’ to the first Friesian ever imported into BC! She has pulled carriage for weddings & parades, including Santa’s sled and she’s also travelled to Las Vegas Friesian Extravaganza. On top of all of this she’s also had 8 babies! Hieke was retired from the Vanderkooi Friesians breeding program and is now enjoying her semi-retirement at BDF.


Muzzy is the old man of BDF being close to 30yrs of age! He’s also the first horse Miss Lauren purchased for the BDF lesson program! Muzzy is a Fjord quarter horse gelding with a personality very similar to that of Eeyore the donkey. With his big jersey cow eyes and large soft kissable muzzle it’s hard not to fall in love with Muzzy.


Blair is our BDF project pony! the BDF students and volunteers helped raise money to adopt Blair, a 10 year old Fjord x Arab. Blair has had no training and will be taking her time to feel connected to our staff while slowly beginning her training .