The Horses


Named after the speedy Mazda Miata, this mare thrives on going fast. She excels in instructing advanced riders in cantering and jumping, demonstrating the virtues of calmness, confidence, and resilience. Beyond the arena, Miata reveals her sweet and patient side, aiding instructors in teaching grooming and leading lessons. As the herd leader, she takes her role seriously, but don’t be fooled—Miata enjoys cuddles and being your best buddy when off duty.


Harley, our spirited lesson horse, has carried countless riders to achievements with his cheeky personality and love for fun. Rescued by owner Meshell in Oroville, WA, after a challenging start in life (being separated from his herd and mother) Harley’s kindness and resilience make him a popular and admired partner.

Al Caponey

Small but certainly mighty and most definitely doesn’t have the smallest personality! This cheeky little guy is best buddies with Ernie and is building his legacy at BDF. Everyone who has been to the farm knows who Al is and he sure knows it, he loves to be the centre of attention. Before coming to BDF he competed a lot – english, western, jumping and competing in games, this little guy was often seen teaching multiple little kids how to do what was needed to bring home a ribbon.


At 22 years old, Silver is our old man of the lesson program but don’t let his age fool you, he’s got enough pep in his step to teach all levels of riders! From brand new riders to intermediates learning more advanced skills, Silver is game for it all. Silver’s beautiful black coat and easy going personality make him a wonderful addition to our program and he is adored by many.


If you’re looking for a bold and fiery personality – Birdie is your gal. Originally purchased from Alberta for the BDF lesson program in 2022, it became quickly apparent that Birdie needed someone to keep up with her big personality and she was purchased by Miss Page shortly after her arrival. Birdie has come a long way in her training and when she’s not at work with Page, you can often find her filling in for other horses at camps or teaching working students higher skills.


Anya is our “steady eddie” and most reliable equine partner on our farm. In her full Fjord form, Anya is the most loving and personable teacher and about as patient as they come. While she is the go-to for first time and nervous riders, she can also turn up the energy and teach independent riders the ropes of trotting and more technical skills. When she is not in the arena teaching the most valuable of lessons, she will be waiting for you looking for an extra treat or scratch.


Gunnar arrived at our farm in 2023 just in time for our summer camp season and proved to be the coolest “little” guy ever. As a Fjord horse, Gunnar boasts an unusually tall stature making him suitable for both the tiniest of preschool riders all the way up to the tallest riders. Gunnar has a laidback and mellow personality, and is learning more skills everyday. You will often hear a sweet whinny coming from his paddock as his social personality comes through and he loves to spend time with his best buddy Puff the pony.


While Puff has a cute and cuddly name and appearance, this boy is fancy in the arena. As he charms everyone with his pretty eyes and adorable size, he amazes newcomers with his big floaty trot and dressage maneuvers. Puff has a flamboyant personality and likes to keep busy, making him a great step-up pony for those looking for more of a challenge and advancing their riding skills. 


Ernie has been capturing hearts at BDF since early 2022 and can do it all. From preschoolers to the advanced lessons, Ernie is a versatile medium sized pony that enjoys every type of riding as long as it involves some snacks & scratches. Ernie is an Ojibwe Pony, a rare breed being the only existing breed of horse developed by Indigenous people in Canada. We are so thankful to his owner Maegan for sharing her amazing pony with us!


Summing up Blair’s transformative journey over the past two years is a challenge due to the remarkable progress she’s made. Originally a scared and insecure mare, BDF students fundraised to purchase her. Today, Blair is a brand new horse, confidently showcasing her beautiful Fjord trot while carrying riders of all abilities with ease. We take immense pride in her remarkable transformation into a sturdy and steady partner.


Upon arriving at BDF, Bentley swiftly became the best friend of a young girl. Having spent much of his life in the jumper ring, Bentley now imparts his expertise to Sophia and other students at the farm. Despite nearing twenty, Bentley calmly carries preschool riders and embraces any challenge presented to him. Transitioning into a more relaxed lifestyle from the competitive scene, Bentley has much to teach young riders with big dreams.