Volunteering at Black Diamond Farm is a great way to learn more about horses, get some outdoor exercise and meet new people! Come grow with Black Diamond Farm! Our volunteers are a very important part of Black Diamond Farm, and we could not do it without their hard work and dedication!

Our volunteers are regular students of ours and help with tacking up, leading horses, feeding, cleaning and many more farm activities. Volunteers must be 9 years or older and in a lesson program. The benefits of volunteering include training, work experience, valuable life skills, great friendships, more knowledge and experience with horses/ riding and to be part of a great barn family.

We have many positions available. If your goal is to become a camp leader or work in the horse program, volunteers who have a current first aid, are 16+ years old and who have earned the skill sets needed in order to work in these sections will be the first to receive a job interview.

I love riding the horses, especially Muzzy because he is my favorite. I also loved Horse Care because I like learning about horses and polishing saddles and brushing and washing Muzzy. Thank you  Lauren and all your helpers.


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